Month: February 2014

Anxious Blogger

This blog is my place to semi-anonymously write about my depression and anxiety, and whatever the hell else I feel like expressing. “Shadows Shape Shifting” is from a short story that I once wrote, which I may share on here at some point. Actually, I have to find it first.
As a New Years resolution I came up with trying something new, that I had always wanted to do, every month. February is my “start a blog” resolution, so yeah. The end of this month got here a bit sooner than I was prepared for because February is kind of short and all.
Unfortunately I’m one of those people who have a difficult time getting things started. Think I might suffer from poor executive function, among other things. Or I might just suffer from studying too much Psychology. But I’m positive I have anxiety and depression, since actual doctors say I do and give me drugs for it. My mom also says I do, and she’s pretty much always right.
I hope to use this as an outlet to track my personal development while recovering from anxiety and depression.