Vision of Health and Wellness

Many books and programs on overcoming Depression encourage people to visualize themselves as a recovered person. It is meant to be a more defined goal than, say, “I don’t want to feel like crap anymore”. If we picture ourselves after recovery it helps to give us something with which to strive. Below is a rough version of my “vision of health and wellness” that I created last night. It is not something I spent a great deal working on. I went with whatever came into my head, since that is a more pure form of my true desires.

Vision of Health and Wellness

I am confident in my own abilities and comfortable in the company of others. My days are filled with work, volunteering, creative endeavors, and socializing. Exercise is part of my daily routine, as is caring for my home, and taking time for spiritual growth. My evenings often include socializing with friends and new people, but I do not feel the need to over-drink in order to control my anxiety. I am open to new experiences and expanding my social group. Taking time to pursue art and writing is something I do every day. I take pride in being properly dressed and presentable, but do not obsess over my looks. I am welcoming of love from those around me. Keeping in touch with friends and family is important to me. I know and accept my limitations, but still push myself to my full capabilities. When dealing with others, I try to be as diplomatic as possible, and apologize when I am harsh or out of line in some way. An amount of time is taken is day to meditate. I also journal every night before bed. Sleep comes easily and I have a peaceful slumber. In the morning, I wake looking forward to my day.

While working through recovering my “vision of health and wellness” may change slightly, or perhaps even drastically. It is okay to change my vision as much as I feel is necessary because my mind set will be changing over time. Everyone’s vision of being mentally healthy varies. All that matters is that we continually recognize that there is a better version of ourselves to strive towards becoming.


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