That feeling

It amazes me at how quickly I can go into a feeling of absolute hopelessness and self-loathing. Yesterday evening I was in a decent, even somewhat optimistic mood. Then, something ended up reminding me of a recent event that had made me unhappy. I was quickly overcome with melancholy and became outwardly irritable.

During these times, any slightly agitating incident feels so much more cumbersome to handle. When I went to get into my car, the driver’s and front passenger’s doors were both jammed (I assume it had to do with the snow and ice outside). To be able to leave in my car I had to enter from the back seat and crawl up to the front. This is not that tiring of an experience, but I was already in an upsetting mental state. It felt as if everything in my life is always falling apart and nothing good ever happens to me. I spent the rest of my evening crying over Taco Bell while watching reruns on television (I don’t even remember what was on).

Of course, this was an overreaction. My circumstances are not that bad. Yes I’m unemployed, single, broke, directionless and depressed. Okay it sounds bad when I say it like that. But I do have a fairly decent life. I have a nice place to live and enough food. My basic needs are met. As far as life in comparison to many people in this world, I’m doing okay.

It just frustrates me to not have something fulfilling in my life. If I had something that I felt truly passionate, it would make a huge difference. But I guess it’s what I need to keep working on to find.


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