I say “ridiculous” a ridiculous amount of times

This morning I hit the snooze on my alarm a ridiculous number of times. It was already set for a ridiculously late time of day to be getting out of bed. Then I ended up laying in bed for a ridiculous length of time after turning off my alarm. I then took ridiculously long to get dressed. My breakfast took a ridiculous amount of time to get through. Well it shouldn’t be referred to as breakfast since it was ridiculously late in the day. I then took ridiculously long to get going after having some coffee. I did end up doing some gardening because my 94 year old grandmother was trying to do it, and it would have been ridiculous to allow that. My household chores took a ridiculous amount of time to get started. Now it’s ridiculously late in the day for me to not have things finished.

What I’ve realized is that I’m actually not feeling all that bad. Lately, I’ve barely been feeling depressed on a daily basis. The low moods are coming and going. But it’s becoming apparent to me that I’m very accustom to being depressed.